BUSTED: Boyfriend Uses Hidden Camera To Catch Cheating Girlfriend

***NSFW: Content***

This guy was suspicious of his new girlfriend every since he got a new roommate. 

“There were “vibes” between the 2 of them from the get go and something didn’t feel right,” he said.

I got one of those watch your dog cameras that look like Bluetooth speakers from Best buy for $40 bucks. I put it right on my kitchen table and set up the alerts.” 

Smart man. Now if he does catch anything he can relive the pain over and over.

“It only took 3 days to catch them. I got alerted while I was sitting at work that activity was detected at home. Sure was. My roommate screwing my girlfriend.”

He confronted his girlfriend about it but she, of course, said it wasn’t true she would never do that to him she “loved him” too much.

Good thing he had video proof. She even denied that was her in the video!

There was no more denying it.

“We broke up and my roommate decided it was best for him to move out. He let me keep his full damage deposit.”

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