She Hid Under the Bed to See if Her Husband was Unfaithful

A woman who doubted her husband’s fidelity decided to conduct a little test.

She wrote him a letter declaring that she was leaving him to see what his reaction would be. Once the letter was written, she placed it on the bed while she hid underneath.

When her man came home from work, he entered the bedroom and saw the letter. When he was finished reading the letter, he took out his cellphone to call another woman:

“Hi baby, I’m going to change and I’ll come meet you. As for her, she’s finally gone. I’ll see you soon, baby.”

Before leaving the room, the man added something to the letter and then he left.

When the woman came out of hiding, she was in tears and quick to look at what her husband added to the letter:

“I could see your feet sticking out from underneath the bed. You know I adore you more than anything, I just went to buy some milk.”

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