Multiple Homes Engulfed In Flames After Man Flashed Gun At Code Inspector

Fire in a house

Photo: Getty Images

A 65-year-old man who flashed a gun a home inspector in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, died in a massive fire. The inspector was following up on a hoarding-related violation at the home of Thomas Razzi when he flashed a gun at the inspector before running back inside his house.

Neighbors saw the confrontation and called 911. When officers arrived, they confronted Razzi, who was unarmed outside of the home. Razzi then retreated back inside. Several minutes later, there were several explosions, and the house burst into flames.

Firefighters tried to contain the blaze, but it quickly spread to the neighboring homes. Officers rushed into one of the homes and rescued three children while the rest of the neighborhood was evacuated.

The fire destroyed three homes and damaged several others before it was extinguished.

"I lost everything," Imane Lofti told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "My money, my gold from my country [Morocco], the new computers I bought for my kids — $3,000 for Apples and tablets. This was my new house."

"I lost everything, but I thank God my kids are safe," she added.

After the flames were put out, authorities discovered the body of Razzi inside. The code inspector suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from the hospital.

Officials said that Razzi appeared to be making illegal fireworks in his home, and investigators believe the chemicals used to make the fireworks, along with ammunition Razzi had in the house, caused the explosions. It is unclear if the explosion was intentional or accidental.

According to WPVI, Razzi's neighbors said he had been acting strangely for the past few weeks.

"He sounded like he was sad for the last two weeks. He's upset, sad -- like desperate," Elsayed Elsayed told the news station.

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